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Accounting Consulting Firm for Bankruptcy Cases & Financial Workouts Based in Washington, D.C.

Forensic Accounting, LLC is one of the top-rated forensic accounting and consulting firms in the D.C area. We have extensive experience providing business consulting and assisting in negotiations to resolve disputes, and more. We regularly advise clients through business bankruptcy proceedings and out-of-court financial workouts. It’s our goal to provide the guidance you need to protect your assets and make informed decisions according to the unique circumstances of your financial situation. If you need an evaluation or general consulting in regards to a bankruptcy or corporate restructuring, request a free consultation with Forensic Accounting, LLC today.

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We have been court appointed to evaluate certain matters in bankruptcy proceedings. For example, we were asked to evaluate the solvency of a company at various dates and made a presentation to the court. We’ve also assisted in resolving disputes outside of litigation. For example, we have negotiated in a business separation between two hotel developers, which resulted in an agreement without any litigation. Here are some additional examples of court cases and out-of-court disputes that we have been involved in settling:

Examples of Our Work in Bankruptcy & Corporate Workouts

  • Valued a business in dispute between minority and majority shareholders. Evaluated various insider transactions of certain majority shareholders
  • Valued limited partnership interests in a divorce proceeding.
  • Valued businesses in various divorce proceedings
  • Engaged to assist bankruptcy counsel in the insolvency of a large law firm. Reviewed approximately 100 personal financial statements of the firm partners and testified as to the findings
  • Was appointed as a special examiner by U.S. Bankruptcy Court to review evidence relating to numerous construction subcontracts and evaluate amounts owed pursuant to the contracts. Court accepted my findings.
  • Value a business for buyout in litigation.
  • Assisted in negotiating on behalf of a general partner the restructuring of numerous recourse and non-recourse debts.
  • Evaluated lost wages in death and injury cases.
  • Lead negotiator who represented a home builder and developer in business divorce which involved split of the management of numerous hotels, division of some equity ownership in real estate entities and complex joint and several loan guarantee issues and complex issues related to tax exempt bond financing.

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If you’re looking for an accounting consultant to assist you in a bankruptcy proceeding or financial workout, get in contact with Forensic Accounting, LLC today. Just call (202) 686-9776 (landline) or (202) 441-7034 (cell), or fill out our contact form below.


We serve clients in the Washington D.C., Maryland, and Virginia area including Bethesda, Rockville, Potomac, Silver Spring, Wheaton, Gaithersburg, Towson, Frederick, Baltimore, Hagerstown, Alexandria, Annandale, Fairfax, Richmond, Arlington, Fredericksburg, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, the East Coast and all of the United States.

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